Joshua Fennessy

SQL Saturday Kalamazoo – Pre conference announcement

SQL Saturday Kalamazoo is less than a month away! We are busily preparing the event to ensure a fantastic day of learning and networking.

One part of the event we have been working on is securing the Pre-conference information. We are now happy to announce two pre-conference options for SQL Saturday attendees. This is our first year holding pre-conferences and we are very excited to bring in Allen White and Eddie Wuerch to spend a full day diving deep into their topics. Interested in attending? See below for session details, and registration links.


Automate and Manage SQL Server with PowerShell with Allen White

This soup-to-nuts all day workshop will first introduce you to PowerShell, after which you’ll learn the basic SMO object model, how to manipulate data with PowerShell and how to use SMO to manage objects. We’ll then move on to creating Policy-Based Management policies, work with the Central Management Server, manage your system inventory and gather performance data with PowerShell. We’ll wrap up with a look at the new PowerShell cmdlets introduced for SQL Server 2012 and how you can use PowerShell to manage SQL Server 2012 in server environments including Windows Server Core. After this one day, you’ll be ready to go to work and able to use PowerShell to make you truly effective.

Register with Allen here

A Deep Dive Into Waits-Based Performance Tuning with Eddie Wuerchimage

Start with a simple proposition: a process is either working or waiting. You can tune the working part, but are you seeing the whole picture? There are many different resources on which your process could be waiting – a lock, memory, disk, CPU, and much more.  When a process must wait, SQL Server will log it. There are hundreds of different wait types, and they are a gold mine of data for finding and solving performance problems – and proving the changes worked. Eddie Wuerch takes his extensive experience as a speaker, trainer, mentor, and DBA in one of the largest and busiest SQL Server environments in the world and distills it into a collection of performance tuning topics for DBAs and developers tuning databases of all sizes. After attending this seminar, you will be able to gather wait stats and use them to zero in on performance issues affecting your databases. Stop guessing, start knowing!

Register with Eddie here

Please note that pre-conference registration IS separate from the SQL Saturday registration. Early bird pricing for Pre-conferences ends on 10/15/2013, so sign up now for the best pricing options! If you’re still looking to register for SQL Saturday to see Allen, Eddie, and 25 other great presenters, sign up today!

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