Joshua Fennessy

24 Hours of PASS is Coming: Will YOU be There?

24HOP_LogoThe latest edition of 24 Hours of PASS (#24HOP) is almost here. This time it’s a Summit  Preview!  I’m extremely excited about it for many reasons, one of those being I’m Speaking!!

Not only was I honored to be selected as a Summit Speaker this year (with TWO sessions no less), but I was also asked to present at #24HOP.

I will be presenting a fun session titled “Delivering Analytics with Excel: 10 Secrets for Success” – due to the shortened session length for #24HOP I will probably only get through 8 secrets, but still, it’s a lot of good content that will benefit any report developer.

The reason I love to talk about Excel is that EVERYONE uses it.  Sure SSRS is nice and flashy, and PerformancePoint is my second true love (see my Summit sessions), but Excel is where business is done. Talking about Excel and how to really make it work well as a reporting tool is one of my favorite career-related pastimes.

I’ve managed to pull the prestigious 3AM EST time slot for my #24HOP presentation, so if you are in the US, put on your jammies and come join me as I talk about rows and columns and pivots (oh my!).  Everyone else, grab some coffee, or some dinner and join me as well. I can’t wait to see you all there.  While you’re at it, take a look at the other great #24HOP sessions. Sign up for those as well!

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