Joshua Fennessy

West MI SQL– So long 2012!


With the November meeting complete, the year is now closed for West MI SQL. We’ll be meeting again in January, with a special holiday event!

I would like to thank each and every one of our members for not only showing up to the meetings but also for making this a little bit of #sqlfamily right here in Grand Rapids. Without YOU this organization would not exist. Thank you for showing up, for bringing friends, for asking questions, and for stepping up to the plate, getting out of your comfort zone and speaking!

Looking back at 2012 I think I’m most proud of our members who have stepped up and gave their first community presentation at our podium. We have had 4 this year! Four! And of those four, two have went on to speak at one or more SQL Saturdays. As a User Group leader, nothing makes me happier than to see members from our group up there on stage at a SQL Saturday. A special thank you to Kevin, Anthony, Emily, and Dustin for your efforts for the SQL Community this year. I’m looking forward to MORE presentations from you, and others from the audience as well!

I also would like to thank a few of our sponsors for helping to burden some of the cost of dinners, and for the great giveaways that we are able to provide. To New Horizons for the generous use of their facility month after month, thank you! To TekSystems, Confio, and BlueGranite for their monetary support through the year, thank you! To O’Reily, Apress, RedGate Publishing, and Microsoft Press, for the generous donations of books and other giveaways, thank you!

These “thank yous” wouldn’t be complete without a special shout-out to PASS, for providing support via Regional Mentors (thank you Joe and Arlene), Karla Landrum, and the online presence — thanks PASS IT!

I’m very much looking forward to 2013, and I’m honored to lead the group into another year of success! As always, you can reach me at, or via our website

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