Joshua Fennessy

Getting to know Power View – Part 3: Digging Deeper

Welcome to Part 3 of this Power View blog series!  If you’ve been following along, you’ll remember that we’ve learned a little bit about the configuration and launching of Power View in Part 1 and created a simple report in Part 2.  Now that we’re in Part 3, we’ll finally get to dig into some of the awesome visualizations that can be created with Power View.

Report Step 1Starting with that simple report we created in Part 2, let’s begin our modifications by changing it from a grid of values to a column chart.  Make sure the chart is selected and select Column in the Design tab of the ribbon.  Resize the chart to take up most of the report surface.  Notice that it’s not a very useful chart right now.  Having Month Name on Series doesn’t tell a very good story.  Remove the Month Name field and add Month Calendar to Axis.

Report Step 2

Great! We now have a nice looking Column chart, but have lost the ability to analyze data by Year.  No problem!  We can use a filter option that Power View provides called a Slicer.  A slicer is simply a visual filter.  Instead of selecting a value from a dropdown, click on the value to filter the data.  To create a slicer, first drag Calendar Year to the white-space directly to the left of the chart.  Then, with the table selected, click the Slicer button on the Ribbon.  Notice that clicking on any year in the slicer filters the data in the chart!  You can hold down CTRL or SHIFT to select multiple values.  More than one slicer can be used on a View.  Add a Product Category Name slicer directly below Calendar Year.

Like slicers, more than one chart can be used on a View.  Create the line chart shown below.  Notice that you DO NOT have to do anything to “wire it” to the slicers.  It is automatically done for you!
Line Chart

Congratulations on building your first interactive Power View!  Check back soon for the final part in this blog series, Putting It All Together.  P.S.  Don’t forget to save!

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