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PASS Summit 2011 — Day 0

2011 marked a number of great milestones for me not the least of which was being *finally* able to attend my very first SQL Pass Summit.  Day 0 for me was quite busy, I had several meetings including SQL Saturday Event Planners, Chapter Leaders Round table, and the amazingly awesome First Timers Networking Meet-up and reveal!

Having just recently taken over the WestMISQL PASS Chapter from Tim Ford (@sqlagentman) I was really looking forward to the Chapter Leader Roundtable.  I learned SO MUCH there. I was really worried about taking this group over, but after having learned of all of the tools and resources available for use, many of my concerns have been quelled.

After the meeting, I quickly wrote down three goals I have for our small chapter.

  1. Realign our public materials and meetings with PASS — This means that we are going to be using the Chapter Decks during the meeting, making sure we are branded as a PASS sponsored chapter, etc.
  2. Be Consistent — We need to have a meeting each month, same day of the month, in the same location.  In the past we had always tried to alternate meeting locations between Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo.  One of the first changes I am implementing is to only hold meetings in Grand Rapids.  I don’t think we are going to lose any membership with this decision, so it’s a go.
  3. Grow, Grow, Grow — I’d like to see monthly attendance grow from an average of 10, to 15 – 20.  That shouldn’t be too difficult.

Next on my agenda was the First Timers Networking session and reveal.  Having never met my first timers group, I was a bit nervous, but honestly, those who know me know I’m a pretty outspoken guy, so I wasn’t too worried.

I feel bad because I kind of skipped out on the first-first timers lunch my team had planned to spend some time with Karla and Rodney Landrum — and some other friends at Hurricane Cafe.  So, to my first timer team, I apologize for that.  I am glad and honored to have met most of you, although I didn’t ever get to meet Heidi Hasting, and I feel a bit short-changed, because I’ve heard through the grapevine that you are totally awesome.

I met up with my first timer team and we headed into the speed networking session.  That was really really fun, if a bit hectic.  Bit of advice for organizers next year, use an air horn instead of a bell.  It was very hard to hear the bell with 500+ people talking at once.

PASS Summit First Timers Reveal
PASS Summit First Timers Reveal - Photo Credit: Tom LaRock

The reveal was nothing short of amazing.  HUGE THANK YOU to Tom LaRock(@SQLRockstar) for your insight, great ideas, and ability to pull them off.  I seriously felt like a rock star myself.

Somehow, during the reception, I ENDED UP ON STAGE (thanks Tim).  I had the opportunity to sit with what I consider to be the best SQLQuizBowl team in the local cluster; Jes Borland (@grr_geek), Lara Rubbelke (@SQLGal), and late join to the team Rob Farley (@rob_farley).  We finished in a solid last place, but who cares!  It was the most fun time I have ever had at a reception dinner.  Oh, and to those that may have pictures of me allegedly drinking beer on stage, it was Bud Light, and Bud Light is decidedly not beer.

Later that night, it was a whilrwind trip to the The Garage for some dinner and bowling, then a pretty epic night at Bush Garden for some awesome karaoke.  I hope someone got a video of the kid singing that song.  He was amazing, and way into it.

Next up, Day 1 of PASS Summit…

2 thoughts on “PASS Summit 2011 — Day 0”

  1. Hiya Josh
    I had your ‘Getting to know Power View–Part 4: Putting it all together « Joshua Fennessy’ in my instapaper list and thought I’d go find part one first and found this on the main page. Wow thanks heaps for the mention. Unfortunately I didn’t get to meet any of the first timers team due to bad timing and I still feel bad about that. But you did get to meet my boss Rob Farley 🙂

    Hopefully I’ll be able to meet you this year and if anyone else from the first timers team are going again I hope I can meet you as well. (and makeup for last year)

    Heidi Hasting

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